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Experts recommend reading daily or consuming vitamin B6 to reduce dementia in its early stages

Senior Sanitas experts have recommended a series of tips to reduce dementia symptoms in their early stages during advanced ages, such as taking daily readings, consuming vitamin B6 or early detection.

“Details such as forgetting a date or what was eaten the day before may not be a symptom of a pathology, but disorienting for no apparent reason or forgetting names could indicate the beginning of a dementia problem that the elderly tend to suffer and that could result in Alzheimer’s. When you reach a certain age it is normal to experience some carelessness or forgetfulness, but you must discern between the occasional dismissal and the medical problem, “says David Curto, head of Healthcare Management of Sanitas Mayor.

The expert points out that, in cases of dementia, prevention is essential. “Rapid detection is key when treating cases of dementia. If you react efficiently in the early stages, you can reduce the effects of the disease. As with any medical treatment, the patient’s commitment and constancy is also essential for to be able to see the positive effects, “he said.

First, Curto urges the creation of routines, through establishing an order of schedules in which daily tasks are carried out, which “helps reinforce memory and memory.” In this same sense, the experts of Sanitas Mayor advise daily readings: “Any text is positive for the stimulation of the cognitive reserve and the cellular neuronal plasticity of the brain, the important thing is that it is done regularly”.

Along with this, they urge physical exercise, since “an activity as simple as walking for more than 30 minutes helps in oxygenation of the brain and rejuvenates cells.” They also argue that having a group of friends is “very healthy” in the elderly, because “avoids isolation, so harmful in the care of memory.” Finally, they ask to incorporate vitamin B6 into the usual diet through nuts, legumes or cereals.

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