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Trump proposes tightening background checks to buy weapons and link it to immigration reform

The president accuses the media of “contributing greatly to the anger and rage that has increased in recent years.”

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has urged Republicans and Democrats to join the Congress to approve a tightening of background checks for those who want to buy weapons and has said that, “perhaps”, should be approved jointly to the immigration reform.

“We cannot let those who lost their lives in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, have died in vain,” Trump said on Twitter, referring to the two shootings that shook the United States this weekend and left 20 and nine fatalities, respectively. “We cannot forget them, nor to all who came before them,” he added.

For this reason, he has stated that “Republicans and Democrats must unite and pass blunt background checks, perhaps linking this law with the immigration reform that is desperately needed.” “We have to get something good, if not big, out of these two tragedies,” he said.

The first of the shootings took place on Saturday, when a 21-year-old identified as Patrick Crusius allegedly opened fire indiscriminately in a shopping center in El Paso (Texas) and killed 20 people. The authorities suspect that he acted motivated by racial motives and treat the case as terrorism.

About 13 hours later, another armed young man, Connor Betts, 24, killed nine people in downtown Dayton, Ohio, before being killed by security forces. Police have avoided speculating on Betts’ motives, although he has acknowledged that he had a troubled past and had threatened high school classmates.

Trump has taken advantage this Monday to point out that “the media have a great responsibility in the life and security” of the Americans and has accused the “false news” of “contributing greatly to the anger and rage that has increased in recent years”.

“The coverage of the news must begin to be fair, balanced and impartial or these terrible problems will only get worse,” said the US president. Europa Press

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