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Trump calls on democratic congressmen of foreign descent to “return to their country”

US President Donald Trump has recommended this Sunday to the racialized women who are part of the so-called Progressive Democratic Caucus – the most radical section of the Democratic Party caucus in the US Congress – to turn to the ” catastrophe “that they have by countries of origin.

Among those belonging to the caucus are congressmen like Rashida Tlaib (American of Palestinian descent), Ilhan Omar (Somali-American) or Pramila Jayapal (born in India, of American nationality).

Tlaib, along with the congressmen of the caucus Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (from Puerto Rico, of Puerto Rican descent) and Ayanna Pressley presented a harsh report on the conditions in an immigrant detention center on Friday before the supervision committee of the House of Representatives, denouncing the alleged mistreatment “against the American flag” by the US border authorities.

The vehemence exhibited by the congressmen has even created a threat of schism within the party, led to all intents and purposes by the leader of the Democratic majority of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who has come to admonish them to follow the line more moderate party.

“I find it very interesting to see the ‘progressive’ Democratic congressmen, who come from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, and the worst, the most corrupt and inept in the world (when they even work), say out loud and with contempt for the people of the United States, the largest and most powerful nation on Earth, how to lead the government, “he posted on his Twitter account.

“Why do not they go back to their countries and help fix those places, which are totally broken and infested with crimes, so they come back here and tell us how it is done,” he added in his message.

“Those places need your help a lot, they should not take a minute to get away,” said Trump. “I’m sure Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to get you the free trip,” he concluded. (EUROPA PRESS)

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