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Riots in Hong Kong for new protests against suspended extradition law

Protesters and police have clashed again this Sunday in Hong Kong in a new protest against the currently suspended extradition law of criminals to China, and after another episode of tension on the border between Hong Kong and Chinese merchants accused of carrying a trade network illegal.

The clashes reveal the tension between both territories, related through the slogan “one country, two systems”. Although Hong Kong is part of China, it operates under different regulations and, over the years since its return from the United Kingdom to Beijing, Hong Kong society, more open, has distanced itself from the central government.

The clashes began at around 10:00 pm local time at the New Town Plaza shopping center. Previously, the Police had tried to clear a large crowd of demonstrators, mostly young, occupying a major intersection of the road in Sha Tin, a fairly new city in northern Hong Kong that houses young pro-democracy activists.

As they did on previous occasions, the protesters demanded the head of the territory, Carrie Lam, to declare the bill officially eliminated, on the understanding that the transfer of the detainees to China could violate their individual rights.

In the midst of a strong police presence, the officers warned the crowd at 20.55 in the afternoon that, if people did not leave, they would start making arrests. About ten minutes later, the police raised a red warning flag after the protesters threw objects at the agents and began loading, according to the ‘South China Morning Post’.

The locality hongkongesa of Sheung Shui has been scene this Saturday of violent protests organized by local groups against Chinese merchants whom they accuse of organizing a “parallel economy” with goods acquired in the territory at low cost and exported to the continent, taking advantage of the economic relationship special they keep.

This practice ends up in higher prices within the Hong Kong territory and an almost permanent lack of goods on the border.

At least five policemen have been injured as a result of the riots, which have led to security forces evicting the streets. (Europa Press)

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