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Ricky Martin sends a message to heterosexuals on the occasion of the WorldPride

The singer Ricky Martin sent this Sunday, on the occasion of the WorldPride, a message to heterosexuals who may question the celebration of this event on the 50th anniversary of the riots of the Stonewall bar, which overturned the struggle for civil rights of the homosexuals

“Gay pride was not born from the need to celebrate being gay, but from our right to be free from persecution / discrimination, so instead of asking why there is no heterosexual pride movement, thank you that you do not need one. #loveislove # pride2019, “Martin says in a message posted on his Twitter social network account.

The Puerto Rican singer is, in addition to an international star of the song, a reference for the LGBTI community around the world since March 29, 2010 made his homosexuality public.

Martin confessed in the book “I”, published in November 2010, that the decision helped him to free himself “from things he had been carrying for a long time” and that “they weighed too much”.

The singer, who in 2008 was the father of the Matteo and Valentino twins by artificial insemination practiced to a surrogate mother, said he did not know what was going to happen to him after he openly told the world that he was homosexual.

Martin’s decision helped thousands of young people accept their homosexuality in the same way, as they told him during the signing of autographs of the book “I”.

Ricky Martin makes clear, however, that he lost his virginity with a woman in his stage of the Menudo musical group, who has slept with many females and who even experienced a stage of “being the most macho” of all.

Martin’s message on Twitter coincides with the concentration today of more than 150,000 participants, in the center of New York, to celebrate the WorldPride, but also to claim a critical LGTBI Pride that continues with the struggle for the rights of this group.

The WorldPride, or LGBT Pride Day, has its origin in the rejection of the police raid in the New York bar Stonewall, homosexual environment, which was followed by demonstrations in rejection of the persecution of this group by the security forces in the US. UU

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