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A year of preventive detention against new detainees in the case of David Ortiz

The last detainees in relation to the armed attack in which the 9 of June was wounded of bullet the exbeisbolista of Major Leagues David Ortiz were condemned this Sunday to a year of preventive prison, like the rest of prisoners who already fulfill measures of coercion for this case.

A judge from the Permanent Attention Office of Santo Domingo ordered the measure against Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez, indicated as the mastermind of the act, as well as against Alberto Rodríguez Mota, and Junior César La Hoz, all of them arrested last Friday, the Attorney General confirmed. General of the Republic.

With these, add fourteen people who have been imposed preventive detention in different prisons in the country for its connection to this case, which was declared complex.

The instance with the request for coercion measures also indicates that Junior César La Hoz was the person who, about a month before the event, contacted Víctor Hugo Gómez with the accused Alberto Miguel Rodríguez Mota so that he, in turn, , will connect you with the inmates José Eduardo Ciprián and Carlos Rafael Álvarez to carry out the criminal action.

Meanwhile, the National Police offered a press conference to give details of the latest developments in the investigation, and reported that the network that committed the criminal act, which was actually objective Sixto David Fernández Vásquez, was to pay $ 30,000 for the assault.

The spokesman of the institution of order, Colonel Frank Felix Durán, reported that Rodriguez Mota revealed that information about the payment to be questioned after his arrest, although ultimately the material authors of the act only received $ 10,000 for having misled the target, by confusing the exbeisbolite with Fernández Vásquez.

According to the investigations, Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez called Alberto Rodríguez Mota to commission a consistent job “in giving Sixto David Fernández down,” for which he requested the intervention of the accused of the case who were then imprisoned in the prison of the 15 of Azua, Duran said.

A week before the event, all the details were outlined, and the architects agreed that the attack would take place at the Dial Lounge establishment in the eastern part of Santo Domingo, which Sixto David frequented every Sunday and where the attack finally took place. that Ortiz and the communicator Jhoel López were injured.

However, Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez states that he did not order an attempt on his cousin, and that the initiative started with Junior César de la Hoz, who took “the lightness” of having him killed as a result of a comment regarding a supposed past denunciation. .

In particular, he would have told him that he did not want Sixto David to see him because he had had problems with him and was afraid that he would inform that he was in the country.

In this sense, it should be noted that Gómez Vásquez is wanted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and that it was in the United States where he was last located, but returned to the Dominican Republic, a country he entered in a illegal on a date not determined.

According to Durán, after these arrests, the authorities only have to arrest Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase, alias ‘the Surgeon’, whom he ordered to turn himself in to justice, and pointed out that the authorities still have a year to continue with investigations of place, having declared this case complex.

Among the people already in preventive custody in the country for the attack are Rolfi Ferreyra Cruz, confessed author of the shooting, and against whom a federal court in New Jersey (USA) filed charges for drugs and carrying firearms last week.

After suffering the shot, Ortiz underwent surgery for several hours in a private center in Santo Domingo where part of the intestines, colon, gallbladder and liver were removed.

On June 10, the extoletero was taken by ambulance to the General Hospital of Massachusetts, in Boston, where he underwent a second operation, and where he remains hospitalized.

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