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Venezuelans in Florida: closer to Democrats but happy with Trump

Although a majority of Venezuelans living in Florida agree or strongly agree with President Donald Trump’s policy toward Venezuela, 53.5% feel closer to the Democratic Party, according to a survey published on Tuesday.

The monthly survey “Trends, how Venezuelans think in exile” is an initiative of the consulting firm ICR (Integrated Communications and Research), directed by political scientist Eduardo Gamarra, a professor at Florida International University (FIU).

ICR will carry out this “longitudinal research on a monthly basis, which is researched through an online survey and in-depth interviews with a group of people, over time.”

60% of respondents arrived in the United States after the arrival of Hugo Chávez in power (1999), 60% are women and all participants are over 30 years old and professionals with university degrees.

50% of the respondents are registered to vote in the United States and 33% of them are registered as democrat, 33% as independent and 4.7% as republican.

To the question “Today what party do you feel closest to?”, 53.5% answered that the Democrat, 17.8% to the Republican and 28.5% to none, because it is independent.

For 75%, the most serious problem faced by Venezuelans in the United States. It is of migratory scope, 21.4% say that unemployment and 3.5% do not speak English.

42.8% believe that the Democratic Party is the one that best responds to the interests of Venezuelans, while 28.5% think it is the Republican Party and 17.8% do not think there is a big difference between the two. .

The Democratic Party is the best party to achieve the Temporary Protection Statute (TPS) for Venezuelans, according to 53.5% of respondents, while 17.8% think it is the Republican.
However, Republican Trump’s policy toward Venezuela has an average rating of 2.37 points out of five.

In percentages, 25.9% strongly agree with that policy, 47% agree, 18.5% neither agree nor disagree, 11.1% disagree and 7.4% very much in agreement. disagreement.

In this regard, a Venezuelan journalist who is part of the sample says he is “mostly in agreement with Trump’s policy toward Venezuela,” but lack a final push.

The Trump government was the first to recognize Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela and is pressuring diplomatically and economically to get Nicolás Maduro out of power.

For a member of a political organization of exiles, “it is not clear what Trump’s policy is (…) If we go to the facts, it does not exist.” If we go to tweet then yes, but there is no state policy towards Venezuela “

The greatest consensus among the Venezuelans of Florida is to reject negotiations between the government and opposition in Oslo. There is not a single respondent who agrees.

46.4% strongly disagree, 25% disagree and 28% are neutral.

As for the possibility of a US military intervention in Venezuela, 25% strongly agree and 21% strongly disagree. Those who agree and those who disagree are equal in 17.8% and another 17.8% declare themselves “neutral”.

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