The Oprah Winfrey channel premieres a series of Latin and “full of sex”

 Miami, .- The television channel OWN, property of the presenter and producer Oprah Winfrey, will premiere next week “Ambitions”, a series with numerous scenes of “high sexual content” and a strong presence of Latino actors in its cast.

“It’s definitely a very risky series in terms of sex scenes, but the most important of all is that people will feel very identified with the characters that appear on the screen,” Colombian actress Maria Legarda told Efe. He has been living in Atlanta (Georgia) for twenty years.

For his part, actor of Cuban descent Matt Cedeño, known for his participation in the Latin series “Devious Maids”, said that making this type of recordings “ends up being something very easy because it is something very technical” and “it is not so sexy as seen on television. “

“It was the second time I saw myself with Erica Page – another of the casting actresses – and there we were both in our underwear, there is no quicker way to meet someone like that”, he joked about it.

The American actresses Robin Givens, Stephanie Carlisle and Essence Atkins lead the cast of “Ambitions”, which shows some former college mates who are now rivals in both private and professional life.

Legarda, Sardinia and Page remarked the commitment of Oprah Winfrey to make a series that breaks with the stereotypes of minorities in the United States, especially of the Latin and African-American community, something that is also reflected in this new audiovisual production that opens on September 18. of June.

“One of the things that I like about this ‘show’ is that the Latinos who appear are not the ones who serve as servants, for example I play a fashion designer and Matt (Cedeño) is a successful businessman,” explained Erica Page , born in the United States of Mexican parents.

In that sense, Legarda expressed her “happiness” and “satisfaction” for the bet of the American businesswoman “to open the doors to other people who dream to be one day in the same place” as Winfrey.

“It’s a good time for Latinos because they are opening doors that we did not have before, it’s very exciting to see this type of paper now in Hollywood because, when I was 13, it was impossible to see an empowered woman,” insisted the young Colombian, sister of the popular reggaeton singer Fabio Legarda, who died in February after being hit by a stray bullet in Medellín.

Filming the 18 episodes of the first season took place between November and April in the studios of fellow producer Tyler Perry, another of Hollywood’s most acclaimed African-American entrepreneurs, who has managed to amass a multi-million dollar fortune through his films. (EFEUSA)


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