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Court of Appeals supports Trump’s veto of transgender servicemen

 Washington, DC – A federal appeals court in San Francisco ordered a lower court judge today to reconsider its ruling against restrictions on transgender work in the Army announced by President Donald Trump.
This prohibition had already been temporarily allowed by the Supreme Court.

The San Francisco Court of Appeals reversed the decision of Seattle District Judge (Washington) Marsha Pechman, who claimed that the government’s policy violated the constitutional rights of transgender members of the Armed Forces.

The court ruled today that the new regulations were “significantly different”, so he ordered Pechman to reconsider his ruling.
Trump announced in July 2017 that he intended to prohibit all transgender people from working in the Army “because of the high costs involved”, although the White House later advised that the recruitment of people they might want in the future should not be allowed. undergo a sex change operation.

Finally, the Department of Defense presented in March 2018 a regulation that established that people with “a history of gender dysphoria (…) are disqualified from military service except under limited circumstances.”

This new regulation no longer recommended the expulsion of members of the Armed Forces who had already undergone a sex change operation.

The Department of Defense emphasizes that its policy is not a ban on transgender in the Armed Forces, but only prevents people who weigh to undergo a sex change operation from joining, and argues that in this way it will allow the Army to “continue being the most lethal and effective combat forces in the world. “

It was this regulation that has been blocked successively by different state courts, although the Supreme Court ruled on January 22 that, pending a final judgment in this regard, the Department of Defense can implement the new policy.

Transgender people are those whose gender identity does not correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth (EFEUSA)

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