Guterres and Ban Ki-moon denounce the resurgence of populism and isolationism

 The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, and his predecessor, Ban Ki-moon, denounced on Wednesday the resurgence of populism and isolationism and urged the powers to work together to end the suffering of millions of people.

Guterres and Ban Ki-moon, in an unusual joint appearance, intervened before the Security Council in a debate on prevention and mediation in conflicts.

Back in the United Nations, the Korean diplomat denounced the growth in all continents of the “deceitful charm of populism and isolationism”.

According to Ban, it is understandable that, in this complex world and in contrast, some citizens seek consolation in “simplified narratives of a golden age of the past”, when “they felt they had control of their individual and national destinies.”

“What is deeply irresponsible, however, is that politicians (…) conspire or deliberately fan these illusions for their own objective of achieving and maintaining power,” he said in an apparent message to leaders such as the American Donald Trump, who He made the return to a supposed great past of the USA. the axis of your campaign.

According to the former Secretary General of the UN, leaders who use these tactics do so fully aware that “no country, no matter how powerful, will be able to respond to global problems alone.”

In a similar message, Guterres pointed out that there is a “resurgence of populism and policies that contribute to resentment, marginalization and extremism, even in societies that are not at war.”

“There are attempts in some countries to backtrack on human rights and the progress made in recent decades in gender and inclusion,” he insisted.

In response, the two diplomats defended the need for “unity” in the international community and, specifically, among the powers of the Security Council.

“When we act soon and we are united, we can successfully avoid the worsening of the crisis, saving lives and reducing suffering,” Guterres said.

“When the Council can cooperate and speak with a common voice, its decisions have a decisive impact,” Ban added.

The Korean intervened in the session as a member of The Elders, a group of public figures originally promoted by Nelson Mandela who works for peace and human rights.

Next to him spoke the director of The Elders, the former Irish president Mary Robinson, while he was present in the debate, but without intervening, the former Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, another of the personalities that are part of the group. (EFEUSA) .-


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