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The Senate Appointments Committee P.Rico evaluates several public posts

The Appointments Committee of the Senate of Puerto Rico evaluated four appointments on Wednesday, including two assistant prosecutors and the Department of Justice, to serve as local government officials.

The four appointments were Marieli Rosario and Carlos Caraballo, to the position of Auxiliary Prosecutor I of Justice; Iris Guilloty as associate commissioner of the Transportation and Other Services Bureau, and Mary Joe Tanner as attorney for Family Affairs.

The final determination of these candidates will go down to the full Senate next week, said the body’s president, Thomas Rivera Schatz, in a press release.

On the appointment to Rosario, who serves as special assistant to the Secretary of Justice, Wanda Vázquez, the senatorial president said that he examined him “carefully” because he works with the aforementioned official.

“Believe me, I looked at him very carefully,” Rivera Schatz told Rosario during the interrogation.

For the senatorial president, who was a prosecutor of renowned cases on the island, the figure of the prosecutor “represents the people of Puerto Rico and that is a very high responsibility.”

“The question we all have to ask ourselves when we are going to occupy positions of prosecutors is, how far does the limit of our responsibility come from? The tendencies are to seek the rehabilitation, the readjustment, the reintegration of the people who have violated the law to return to the society as good people “, he questioned.

Rosario, meanwhile, said that when a case comes before his consideration, “justice and truth are the north to make a determination.”

“My duty as a representative of the public prosecutor is to take a case to the court in which I can sustain at the trial level,” argued the nominee before Rivera Schatz.

Rosario’s professional career includes being a special prosecutor in Fajardo, cases in the Specialized Rooms in Controlled Substances.

Faced with this, Rosario said he believes “in second chances”, while for Rivera Schatz means “the rescue of a citizen, who by some location, perhaps social or other particular considerations, is diverted to commit crimes or incur the abuse of controlled substances. “

“This program of the Drug Court is the most illustrative role of what is really the role of a prosecutor,” argued the former prosecutor. (EFEUSA) .-

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