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Delegate of Guaidó says that new validity of passports ends with “mafias”

 Miami, .- The delegate of Guaidó before Washington, Carlos Vecchio, said Tuesday in Miami that the decree that extends for five years the validity of Venezuelan passports, and that has been recognized by the Government of the United States, “ends the mafias of corruption “.

In a press conference, Vecchio said that the decree signed on May 21 by the head of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN, Parliament), Juan Guaidó, guarantees the rights of millions of Venezuelans who star in “the biggest refugee crisis” of the planet after Syria “because of a” criminal and usurping regime “.

“But this measure also breaks with that mafia that had set up the regime to take the money from many of the Venezuelans” around the passports, for which it was possible to “blackmail” for amounts that reached up to $ 5,000 to those who appealed to the “right to their own identity”.

The extension of the validity of the passports is framed, he said, in a course of action of the opposition Guaidó, whom the White House recognizes as the interim president of Venezuela, as it is to protect Venezuelans inside and outside and facilitate them the mobility.

“It is an important step,” said Vecchio, who said he solves a large part of the problems of “4 million Venezuelans who are outside” their country, and in that sense for the time being the US Government has already distributed the information to all your federal agencies.

He gave as an example that minutes before the press conference, Deputy Ismael García had entered the United States from Costa Rica with his passport expired.

The delegate of Guaidó before the US said that they will continue trying to recover the consular services that have been “dismantled”, without leaving aside the main mission that is the “cessation of the usurpation”.

Vecchio also called for “Venezuelans to be legally in the US not to be deported,” in reference to the long-standing demand of the Venezuelan community in the United States to be granted a Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

He noted that on behalf of the Administration of Donald Trumo feels that “there is provision” on this issue, in addition to bipartisan support in Congress on the Venezuelan issue, and shared his optimism that “soon” that goal was achieved.

Vecchio was accompanied by Gustavo Marcano, the “number two” of the delegation of Guaidó in the United States, who asked that the decree be recognized also by the eleven countries of Latin America that make up the Declaration of Quito, signed in September last year.

Marcano also stressed that the information obtained through the recent reactivation of the Consular Unique Registry to census Venezuelans “is kept under the best security standards” and is only used by “the legitimate Government of Venezuela”, therefore “no shares with no entity of the US Government. “

“Of the users who have registered so far, 75% had as their main need the extension of the expired passport, to which we have responded with the issuance of this decree that guarantees the human right to identity and free transit” He said (EFEUSA)

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