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They declare universal heir to Juan Gabriel’s eldest son and close demands

 Miami, – Lawyers representing Iván Aguilera, Juan Gabriel’s eldest son, announced Wednesday that, “with the exception of a couple of proceedings,” they close all the lawsuits challenging the testament of the late Mexican composer and interpreter and declared Aguilera universal heir.

During a press conference in Miami, the legal team of Iván Aguilera, formed by lawyers Steven M. Ebner, Francis E. Rodríguez and Guillermo Pous, also confirmed that he will continue with the processes to recover the properties of the singer-songwriter who are in the hands of third parties.

Iván Aguilera, who was not present at the press conference but distributed a statement there, today expressed for the first time on behalf of his brothers Joan, Hans and Jean, about the wave of demands and speculations that sparked the death of “El Divo from Juarez”.

Aguilera acknowledged that he has lived “a hard process to understand, but harder to learn” since the death of the artist almost three years ago.

“Today is an important day for me, but it is not only because of the legal battle that the courts ratify in my favor, it is also because they give credit to the desire of the person I most admired,” he said.
As for the speculation that Juan Gabriel is alive, Aguilera, who keeps the remains of his father, simply called “sanity.”

For their part, the lawyers plan to initiate legal proceedings for personal injuries to those who have defamed Iván Aguilera and his family.

They ratified that they will continue with the processes to recover the properties that are in the hands of third parties, that include an apartment in New York and the 12 properties in Mexico supposedly in the hands of Silvia Urquidi, exapoderaba of Juan Gabriel.

“The Supreme Court in Mexico has already ratified the will of Mr. Alberto Aguilera,” said attorney Pous, who handles the legal affairs of Juan Gabriel’s family in that country.

“This invalidates any other process,” he said, and explained that there are still two lawsuits in progress, which he hopes will be dismissed shortly. With this opinion, “Iván remains as universal heir,” as the singer-songwriter stated in his 2014 testament, remarked Pous.

This includes, added the lawyer, “all the cultural and legal heritage related to Juan Gabriel”, which implies all the songs of its authorship, its properties, its audiovisual and written materials, as well as the names “Juan Gabriel and Noa Noa”.

The lawyer explained that shortly they will begin the “works” in the house that the singer had in Ciudad Juárez (Mexico) to create the Paseo de Juan Gabriel and the Juan Gabriel Museum.

“El Divo de Juárez”, whose real name was Alberto Aguilera Valadez, died on August 28, 2016 in the Californian city of Santa Monica, California, two days after offering his last concert at the Forum of Los Angeles.

Since his death, the demands of different children, unknown until the death of the artist, to dispute the testament have proliferated.

The situation has been complicated for a few months with the statements of the ex-manager of the artist, Joaquín Muñoz, who has insisted that Juan Gabriel is alive.
The lawyers did not rule out to sue for moral damages to Muñoz and to anyone who continues attacking Iván Aguilera, considering it “a damage to the legacy of Juan Gabriel” (EFEUSA).

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