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Venezuelan soldiers in exile are being censured with a view to ending the crisis

 The Organization of Persecuted Political Venezuelans in Exile (Veppex) began on Wednesday a census of the Venezuelan military who are outside the country, with the understanding that the solution to the crisis “will merit a force action”.

Some 200 soldiers, mainly from the United States and Colombia, have registered in the first hours that the website censomilitarveppex.com has been open, said José Colina, president of Veppex and himself with a past as a soldier.

Colina, who calculates that there are some 4,000 military personnel who are abroad, stressed that this initiative basically aims to know how many they are, in which countries they are and establish contact with them to see how they can help a way out of the crisis in Venezuela.

“Given the situation in Venezuela and understanding that the solution will merit a force action before, during and after the departure of (Nicolás) Maduro from power, it is mandatory to know where the military are that opposed this tragedy and if they would be in willingness to return in any scenario, “says a statement from Veppex.

The organization based in Miami emphasizes that “the platform has been developed taking the necessary security measures and the information generated from this census is under the responsibility and custody of the Veppex organization.”

Consulted by Efe, Colina said that the military outside the country can be useful in any scenario: if there is an internal uprising to reinforce the rebels and if there is an intervention based on reciprocal assistance treaties to “control the situation and give stability” to the transition government.

In case he did not take any of those situations, Colina indicated that they could also try to enter Venezuela to force Maduro out.

“You need the military to be able to have governability in Venezuela,” said Colina, who considers “a disaster” the exploratory meetings for a dialogue between the Government of Maduro and the opposition led by Juan Guidó held in Norway.

In his opinion, to Guaidó, president of the National Assembly and recognized as interim president of Venezuela by more than fifty countries, who do not consider the presidency of Maduro legitimate, that “error is costing him support and credibility”, because can negotiate with “a criminal, drug trafficking and usurper regime”.

Colina stressed that after the cessation of the “usurpation” of power by Maduro, it will be necessary to “rebuild” the Venezuelan Armed Forces and for that we must count on the military who opposed Chavismo.

Veppex intends to conduct another census of police, security and public officials who are in exile with the same purpose. (EFEUSA) .-

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