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US Senator Calls for Naval Blockade of Entry of Venezuelan Oil to Cuba

Miami, US Sen. Rick Scott proposed Wednesday a “naval blockade” to Cuba to prevent the arrival of Venezuelan oil to the island when considering the economic sanctions imposed by the US Government failed. to Venezuela.
“Cuba is the most powerful force that supports the (Nicolás) Maduro regime in Venezuela, in large part because of the free oil they receive in return, it is oil for repression,” the Republican senator from Florida said in a written statement.

He said that “it is clear that the sanctions aimed at blocking the flow of oil from Venezuela to Cuba are not working.”
Venezuela is the main partner and sponsor of Cuba, a country to which it contributes approximately half of its oil demand at subsidized prices and both form, together with Nicaragua, the Bolivarian bloc that President Bolton’s advisor, John Bolton, baptized as the “troika of tyranny”.

“It is clear that the United States should consider the use of naval assets to block the flow of oil between the two dictatorships, and the president (Trump) has raised the idea of ​​a total embargo on Cuba.” I agree with him, “he said.

Scott, who was governor of Florida, said the United States should consider a naval blockade that would prevent the transportation of oil between Caracas and Havana.
“Cutting the oil supply to the Castro regime would be the most effective action we can take to end the brutal regime of Nicolás Maduro,” he said.

“We need to take measures now to capitalize on Maduro’s weakness and end his brutal regime, block Cuba, and you eliminate the political forces that support the genocide in Venezuela,” he said.

On the other hand, the vice president of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez, requested this Wednesday in Washington more economic sanctions against the “criminal regime of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela” and encouraged the other states to “use all available mechanisms” in favor of democracy. (EFEUSA)

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