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Louis Vuitton presents an eclectic cruise collection at JFK airport

 New York, – The fashion house Louis Vuitton presented on Wednesday an eclectic cruise collection in terminal 5 of the JFK airport in New York, a monument to the aviation of the 60s recently restored by the avant-garde proposals paraded, without forgetting the classics Accessories with the signature monogram.

Days before opening its doors converted into a hotel, the space hosted the creative genius of the designer Nicolas Ghesquiere in a parade marked by the mixture of sports, futuristic and eighties styles and games of volumes, textures and prints, among which there was no shortage of tributes to the Big Apple.

Precisely one of the most striking sets was made up of quilted skirts and matching bulbous jackets, with the New York “skyline” drawn on the front, while they saw shirts covered with silver sequins that resembled the facade of the Chrysler skyscraper.

The cruise collection, designed for 2020, was defined by the black and white binomial; Pastel colors in mint green and pink salmon, and shades raised in blue, fuchsia or rust.

In terms of textures and finishes, satin, leather, brocade, velvet and glossy PVC material, often combined with each other, with overlays and “patchwork” triumphed.

For the more casual looks, Louis Vuitton opted for knee-high trousers and discreet high-necked sweaters; or long pants with lateral stripe and knee pads, combined with a windbreaker jacket that fell, as a short coat, a vaporous fabric adorned with sequins.

There were numerous structured pieces, mostly straight-cut dresses with a rectangular shape, while in other cases there were volume games in “peplum” skirts, short jackets with round shapes on the shoulder and arm, or “tops” that emulated the art of the origami.

The accessories were classic, starting with the rigid bags with the monogram “LV” and going through dark and smooth belts, while the shoes were limited to flat military boots and others adjusted below the knee and square heel.

On the other hand, makeup reminiscent of the 80s, with strongly outlined eyes, shades of pink or red and shrill lips, as well as hairstyles, among which abound the “rockabilly” type toupees.

The impressive architecture terminal of JFK, designed by the Finnish Eero Sarinen and inaugurated in 1962, will debut next May 15 as a hotel under the name of TWA Flight Center, but today it opened in advance full of plants and celebrities.

There were many familiar faces, some of them present at the exclusive MET gala that took place this Monday: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner; Alicia Vikander; Cate Blanchett; Nina Dobrev; Jennifer Connelly; Michelle Williams; Emma Stone and Lea Seydoux, among others (EFEUSA).

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