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Google adds images in augmented reality to the search engine results

 Mountain View (CA), .- Google today announced the inclusion of images in three dimensions and augmented reality to the results offered by the search engine, so that netizens can observe objects and simulate how they would be at home before buying them.

Google vice president for Lens and augmented reality, Aparna Chennapragada, announced the novelty in the opening of the I / O developer conference that the company celebrates these days in Mountain View (California) and carried out several examples of search before attendees .

In one of them, he looked for a specific model of sports shoes and when the list of results appeared in the search engine, next to the links and 2D images that 3D footwear was shown, which Chennapragada then moved by augmented reality to a room to see how they would be there.

Another example was the search for “great white shark” that, again, offered as a result a three-dimensional image of this shark. In this case, the Google executive moved it through augmented reality to the stage where the presentation was taking place.

Another of the highlights that the Californian company announced today was the integration of Google Lens (the real-world image recognition system) with Google Maps and other tools of the firm.

“With Lens, we are indexing the physical world in the same way that the search engine indexes billions of web pages,” said Chennapragada.

From now on, a user can direct the camera of his mobile phone to the menu of a restaurant and, if he activates Lens, the device itself will highlight on the screen the most popular dishes of that place based on the online reviews left by others. customers.

In addition, when clicking on specific dishes, photographs and comments about them will appear on the mobile.

Once the meal is finished, the user can direct the phone camera to the account and Lens will take the data to calculate tips and, if desired, automatically divide the amount to be paid between the different diners. (EFEUSA)

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