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A publication of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn rejects vaccines

 New York, .- Among the Jews of Brooklyn (New York), where the emergency was decreed by an outbreak of measles, circulates a publication that encourages the ultra-Orthodox community not to get vaccinated, against scientific criteria and legality health, warning that vaccines carry “monkey, rat and pig DNA”.

In the “Vaccine Safety Manual”, a magazine for parents who want to raise their healthy children, there are false warnings that vaccines cause autism and contain aborted human fetus cells, according to The New York Times.

“We believe that there is no greater threat to public health than vaccines,” concludes the publication, which contradicts the scientific consensus that vaccines are generally safe and highly effective.

The manual, created by a group called Parents who Educate and Advocate for Children’s Health (PEACH), is targeted at ultra-Orthodox Jews, whose expanding communities are at the epicenter of one of the outbreaks of measles in the United States in decades.

Such is the concern that the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, declared on Tuesday the “public health emergency” due to the epidemic of measles that is lived in the city since last October, specifically among the ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities that live in Brooklyn

As part of that extraordinary measure, announced by the Mayor’s office in a statement, the residents without vaccination against the disease in the Williamsburg neighborhood, where the largest Jewish population of the city is concentrated, will have to be immunized with inoculation against measles for ” protect the rest of the community and help reduce the epidemic. “

The PEACH manual, with letters signed by rabbis, has become one of the main vehicles for disinformation among ultra-Orthodox groups. Your message is shared in direct lines and in group text messages.

“The vaccines contain monkey, rat and pig DNA, as well as cow’s blood serum, all of which is forbidden for consumption according to the kosher dietary law,” said Moishe Kahan, collaborating editor of PEACH magazine, in a email cited by The New York Times. (EFEUSA)

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