Paz Vega: A “beautiful moment” is experienced in the creation of fictions

 Miami, .- The Spanish actress Paz Vega stressed that today television “has been equated” in importance and audience with the cinema and this has contributed to live a “very beautiful moment” in the world of creation and entertainment.

In a telephone interview, the Sevillian said that the small screen is no longer “the younger brother” of cinema, and highlighted the rise of “streaming” platforms, which have increased the offer and have collaborated in the evolution of the genre , in addition to generating more jobs.

“The platforms give a lot of freedom” and from them come series “that are breaking canons” and allow “we are living a very nice moment of creation” of fictions, said the interpreter, from Madrid.

For professional commitments, the actress could not be part this weekend of the presentation in Miami of the movie “Ay, mi madre”, which this evening closes the Indie Pasion festival that since last Thursday is celebrated in this southern city from Florida.

The actress, who began to emerge with the Spanish series “7 Vidas” (1999), was grateful that the third edition of this Ibero-American film festival, which ends this Sunday, has opened the doors to the film, written and directed by Frank Ariza, and that has meant his return to comedy.

“Why not face death celebrating it?” Asks the interpreter about the plot of the film, set in Barbate, on the coast of Andalusia, developed with the “language and humor characteristic of southern Spain”, a country in which the feature film premiered on March 29.

“I think Frank (Ariza) has a special talent for writing comedies, creating funny situations, and it’s an endearing story,” added the interpreter, who currently resides in the Iberian country but has a busy agenda that includes international projects. .

Televisa confirmed this week that the Sevillian is chosen to take on the role of the villain Catalina Creel, in the “remake” of the iconic telenovela “Cuna de Lobos” that will begin recording this month in the Mexican capital, a project that does not He was able to comment for contractual reasons, the press representative told Efe.

Vega is going to hook that project after spending a few days six weeks ago in Bulgaria filming “American Night”, by Italian director Alessio Della Valle, along with Jeremy Piven and Emile Hirsch, whose exhibition in theaters is scheduled for this year.

This 2019 also awaits the release of “Rambo V: Last Blood”, where he shares scenes with Sylvester Stallone, “someone very important within the industry, almost a living myth”, who knows “how to tell a story” and who he was with. Delighted to share the set, he said.

“I’ve been a fan all my life, I’ve seen and followed all the films” of the franchise, Vega acknowledged, for whom it was a joy to be called to participate in a saga like Rambo and a delivery that is called to be the last , although in the cinema everything can happen, he confessed.

The actress, who can also be seen in the mystery series “The OA”, whose second season premiered last month on the platform Netflix, has been married for 17 years with the Venezuelan Orson Salazar, with whom he has three children, and therefore the crisis in the Latin American country is not indifferent.

“It is a tremendous humanitarian tragedy that seems a lie that still has no solution,” said Vega, who said he knows the country and has seen the “deterioration” that has lived in recent years, something “very sad and painful.”

Her husband, he added, sees the current moment with “sadness, uncertainty and a little restlessness”, because “he thought that it was going to take a big step in the last month, but the thing seems to be stagnant”.
Opened last Thursday, the III Ibero-American Film Festival Indie Pasión de Miami brings together 20 films and documentaries, plus a selection of shorts, and is held until today in Silverspot cinemas, in downtown Miami, the newest in the city.

The Chilean “… And suddenly the dawn”, by Silvio Caiozzi, was crowned as best film, while the documentary “Vamos”, by Braulio Rodríguez, won in its category, according to the organization. (EFEUSA)


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