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USA withdraws part of its troops from Libya due to “increased unrest”

 Washington – The United States has decided to “temporarily” withdraw part of its troops deployed in Libya due to “increased unrest” in the country of North Africa, said on Sunday the command of the Armed Forces in Africa (AfriCom).

“Due to the increase in unrest in Libya, a contingent of troops participating in the Africom mission has been temporarily removed from the country in response to security conditions on the ground,” the responsible command of the US Armed Forces announced. in Africa through a statement released this Sunday.

The note does not clarify the number of soldiers withdrawn, nor their fate.
Africom said it “remains committed” to achieving a “safe and stable” Libya and said it will continue to “carry out prudent military planning” while assessing the situation.

“The reality of security on the ground in Libya is increasingly complex and unpredictable, and despite this readjustment of our troops, we will remain vigilant to support the current US strategy,” warned the General of the Infantry Corps. Marina Thomas Waldhauser, commander of Africom, quoted in the note.

Since the international community contributed in 2011 to the victory of the rebels over the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is a failed state, victim of chaos and civil war.

Currently there are two governments, one supported by the UN in the west and another one protected by Marshal Khalifa Hafter, former leader of the opposition to Gaddafi recruited by the CIA and which controls the east of the country.
Last Thursday, Hafter launched a military offensive to take control of Tripoli, under the control of the Government supported by the United Nations.

This action led on Saturday to the G7 foreign ministers to advocate for supporting the UN’s efforts in favor of a “stable, peaceful, secure, democratic and united Libya, endowed with strong national state institutions capable of guaranteeing security to the Libyans. “

In this regard, Africom today expressed its support for the UN and pledged to “continue to do its part” to support the Syrian Government and people. (EFEUSA)

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