Wife of Guaidó meets with Trump and alerts of “wave” of attacks in Venezuela

 Washington, DC – President Donald Trump met unexpectedly at the White House today with the wife of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, Fabiana Rosales, who warned at the meeting of a “wave of repression” against her husband’s environment.

Rosales visited the White House to meet with the vice president, Mike Pence, but as soon as the meeting concluded he went to the Oval Office to meet with Trump, who was accompanied by his daughter and adviser Ivanka.

“We want to alert the world to the possible attacks against President Juan Guaidó, the wave of repression and tensions that have taken aggressive levels against the president’s environment.” Attacking his environment is attacking him, but nothing is going to stop, “said Rosales.

Guaidó’s wife, recognized by more than fifty countries as the president in charge of Venezuela, denounced on Tuesday in New York that her husband had been attacked in Caracas, where they allegedly pointed guns and “threw tear gas” at his vehicle when He left the Parliament.

However, the team closest to Guaidó assured Efe in Caracas that the politician was not on board that car and that he did not suffer physical damage in that incident, which affected a vehicle in which a group of legislators was moving.

During his meeting with Trump, Rosales denounced that, “in addition, the cousin of the president’s mother was arrested, involving him in acts of terrorism, and also accusing Gustavo Guaidó, the president’s brother.”

He added that these accusations seek to “strike a blow at the closest circle of President Guaidó, pretending to destabilize him from his struggle.”

The meetings with Trump and Pence were also attended by Romy Moreno and Belén Marrero, who are respectively the wife and sister of Roberto Marrero, the chief of Guaidó’s office, who was arrested last week and accused by Chavismo of leading a terrorist cell. who planned to carry out selective attacks.

“As a family, we are worried about his life, we have not had any communication” with Marrero, Moreno said, which led Trump to astonished question: “No contact at all?”
The president considered “inconceivable what is happening” in Venezuela, and assured Rosales that his team is “in contact with her husband,” Guaidó.

“We are with you 100 percent, everything will be resolved, it is always resolved, we will get it resolved,” Trump stressed. (EFEUSA)


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