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Nicky Jam: “I do whatever it takes to remain a normal guy”

 Miami, .- The American singer-songwriter Nicky Jam says in an interview with Efe that he does everything possible to remain “a normal guy”, even now that he is filming the third part of the saga “Bad Boys”, recording his new album and presenting “I’ll steal”, your first single with Ozuna.

“I do whatever it takes to continue being a normal guy,” says the reggaeton raised in Puerto Rico during an interview with Efe in Miami, where he has established residence. “I do not take the film from being an artist, a pop ‘star’, a rock ‘star’, I do not take any of that seriously and I try to simply live my life.”

To keep his feet on the ground he does not hesitate to go down to the street and make the purchase himself, even if that means “dodging two or three photos”, although he has committed himself to not stop standing for a few seconds with His Followers.

For Nicky Jam, that “normality” is one of the elements that has allowed him to become one of the most successful artists of Spanish music in recent years.

The spring of 2019 found him with thirteen nominations to the Latin Billboards, which are delivered in Las Vegas on April 25, his second studio album ready and a participation in the third film of the series “Bad Boys” with Will Smith.

There is also “Te robaré”, his newly released song with Ozuna, which he describes as a “sexy reggaeton” that returns him to the essence of the genre.

“Today in urban music there is dance, there is pop, guitars, many elements, this song is for discos and is the essence of the genre,” he explains.

The idea of ​​inviting the “bold little boy” came once the song was ready.

“The voice of him that is high, compared to mine, gives him the color we wanted, immediately we think of him,” he says about the reunion with an artist who had collaborated on remixes but never on something new like “Te I’ll steal “and for Nicky Jam” it’s about time “.

The song is part of the album “Intimate”, which will be released this summer and will begin to present in the North American part of its homonymous tour and that will take it from April 11 through 13 American cities, among which are Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami, among others.

“I come to tell the story of my life (with the Netflix series” The winner “) and I want to continue telling who I am,” he says to explain the title of the tour and the album.

He raises it as a kind of game with the audience with whom he wants them to come and listen to their music and discover which songs are about their real life and which are not.

Unlike many artists, who use music to express their inner world, Nick Rivera Caminero considers his art as a service for his audience.

“I do not write for me, I write for people, because people are the ones who listen to my music and I know how they enjoy it,” he says.

Therefore, it is essential to know the stories that happen to people. “Not all my songs are things that happened to me – he explains – they are things that happen to the neighbor, or to the front, I like to cover all the bases (of the human experience)”.

The decision about which song will be released to the market or what topics you will explore at the time of writing is based on your “technique” of alternating letters.

“If I made one of love and happiness, the next will be of spite,” he says. “If I did one of infidelity then comes one of making love, of pure sex.”

The exception is when he has “a hunch, then none of that matters,” he says.

At 38 years of age, the Boston native, of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, recognizes that he is in the best stage of his career and his life.

He has discovered that he is “fascinated” by the performance and after his participation in the film “Bad Boys for Life”, which is scheduled to premiere in January 2020, he wants more experiences in Hollywood.
However, he insisted that music is his essence and the public’s support the ink with which he writes his story.

That story that takes in the more than 30 tattoos that have been made and even in his artistic name, the “Jam” comes from the jam that was sold in the supermarket in Puerto Rico where he started working as a teenager and where he started sing their compositions in reguetón. (EFEUSA)

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