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Sandra Echeverría: “Cantar ranchero comes out of my soul”

Los Angeles, .- Many knew her as an actress of soap operas and others placed her as a pop singer, but now the Mexican Sandra Echeverría gives a 180 degree turn to her musical career with “Instinto”, a record of rancheras that, according to her to Efe, it comes from the deepest part of your being.

“Singing ranchero is something that comes from the soul, it’s like an instinct for me, it’s something natural,” he explained.

“It’s not marketing, it’s not something we’ve invented,” he said, “if not, I’d be singing reggaeton, probably, it’s very fashionable, maybe I’d sell more.”

Echeverría (Mexico City, 1984) recently published “Instinto”, an album completely focused on rancheras and in which he combines original themes such as “Animal instinct” and “Bad luck” with versions of classics such as “Costumbres” or “Deja let the moon come out. “

Although this new musical direction may have caught some of her fans unaware, Echeverría explained that her passion for the ranchero genre has come to her since she was a child and she was singing songs like “María bonita” at home.

“And my family listened to me and told me: ‘How beautiful you sing.’ And that’s when they started to motivate me, they said: ‘Learn this one from Aída Cuevas, this one from Lola Beltrán, this one from Juan Gabriel …'” he recalled.
“So, actually, I learned singing with the rancher, it’s the most natural genre I get, with which I feel most comfortable,” he added.

Famous for soap operas such as “El clon”, “Marina” or “La fuerza del destino”, the artist told us, however, that she is “an actress by accident” and also reviewed her beginnings as a singer.

“I started singing in a band called Profiles at the age of 14. The producers of Perfiles offered to make me a ranchero record, but I felt very young at the time: ‘I do not want to sing ranchero, I do not want to be as an older woman at 17 or 18. ‘I did not feel ready, “she explained.

“Right now is the perfect time to do it,” he said about the fact of feeling “adult” to address this genre.

One of the keys of “Instinct” is his interest in uniting the love for the tradition of rancheras with the image of a woman of the 21st century.
“I did not want people to see me as another character, if suddenly they see me from day to day with my mariachi suit, with my bow here, they are going to say to me: ‘How? What is Mariaiachi doing? “, he said.

“I did not want to make any character, I did not want it to be ‘fake’ (…) I wanted to be a modern, contemporary woman, and for people to see that a modern woman can also sing ranchero.The rancher can also be ‘cool’ It does not have to be this image of something super traditional and super conservative, “he said.

“Instinct” was published on March 8, International Women’s Day, a date that the singer chose to dedicate this album to her peers and to link it with the struggle for equality.
“For a woman, singing ranchero is like having a lot of voice, like getting up and talking about feelings and passion, I do not think there’s a genre that transmits that as strong as Mexican music, and that’s what I like. every song is like leaving life there, feeling everything you wear, “he said.

“I think that women feel very identified with this type of music and that is why I wanted to dedicate it to all of them: so that women take out what they have inside and that they never remain silent,” he said.

Although he has not left aside the interpretation, since, for example, the series “La bandido” premiered very recently, Echeverría did admit that focusing on music was “like a break, like a pause”.
“In the performance train you do not stop auditioning, trying to win the next role (…) It’s always a constant struggle to prove to the producers and directors, to all the people, that one can be the ideal” , He said.

However, the followers of Sandra Echeverría actress will not have to wait long to see her again on the screen, since in summer she will premiere the film “Pills of my boyfriend” with Jaime Camil. (EFEUSA)

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