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The governor of P.Rico will not sign the project that restricts abortion

 San Juan, .- The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, announced today that he will not sign the project that restricts abortion in the Caribbean island, cause of controversy to understand some social groups that it is a setback of decades in the right to abortion in the Commonwealth.

Rosselló, at a press conference, made it clear that he will not sign his signature on Project 950, which last week was approved loudly in the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, as the Senate had previously done on the 7th.

“For me it is a question of the right to privacy and of some onerous stipulations that they imposed on him, particularly as a matter of age,” Rosselló said to justify his position.

“As soon as I arrive, I will expressly veto that project,” said the Puerto Rican chief executive.

Project 950 establishes that minors under the age of 18 need the consent of their parents, legal guardian or the authorization of a court to end the pregnancy.

The project establishes that this consent must be given until the age of 18, something that, as Rosselló acknowledged, caused reservations.
The announcement of the governor thus stops the legislative initiative, which must now rethink to move forward.

The project for the “Law for the protection of women and the preservation of life” requires the patient to wait 48 hours before undergoing abortion once she notifies her intention.
The doctor in that period should inform the woman who intends to abort the age of the fetus and that the process will end with the life of an “entire, separate and unique” being.

In addition, the professional who will perform the abortion will have to list the risks involved in the procedure and the medical assistance benefits available and supportive in the event that she decides to give birth.

Those who oppose the norm understand that the information that the health professionals in charge of performing the abortion should give to women who undergo the intervention is excessive and that it can function as a deterrent, which is, according to their opinion, one of the the objectives of the law. (EFEUSA)

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