YouTube removes “tens of thousands” of videos of the attack in New Zealand

 San Francisco, .- YouTube today announced that it has withdrawn “tens of thousands” of videos from its platform showing the terrorist attack last Friday in Christchurch (New Zealand), which caused 50 dead and 50 wounded, and that was relayed live on Facebook.

In a statement, the video page owned by Alphabet (Google’s parent company) explained that the volume of recordings of the attack uploaded to the network by users from the original retransmission, which was immediately eliminated, “is unprecedented both for its scale as per its speed. “

The speed at which the videos were posted on YouTube in the hours after the attack reached a new increase every second, said the company, which said it had eliminated those accounts that “promoted or glorified what happened.”

Although the usual signature procedure to determine if a content should be removed by violating its terms of use includes human observers reviewing the pre-selection made by an artificial intelligence system, in this case Youtube dispensed with them and automated the process to expedite it.

The fact that the massacre was broadcast live has put the focus on social networks.

Facebook indicated on Sunday that it had withdrawn 1.5 million videos only in the first 24 hours, of which 1.2 million were removed from the platform before the rest of users could see them.

Meanwhile, a New Zealand judge charged a teenager with two charges for distributing the images of the attack in the two mosques and for publishing diverse material the week before the attack, including images of the temples with the words “identified objective” and messages that encouraged violence.

The 28-year-old Australian, Brenton Tarrant, who is considered by the police to be the sole author of the massacre, is in provisional prison after being accused on Saturday of a murder charge. (EFEUSA)


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