Trump proposes that electoral authorities investigate US humorists.

 Washington, DC – US President Donald Trump on Sunday raised the possibility that the country’s electoral and communications regulatory authorities investigate those responsible for the “Saturday Night Live” comedy show and other comedy nightspots. , due to teasing towards him.

“It’s truly amazing that shows like ‘Saturday Night Live’, which are not funny and have no talent, can spend all their time beating the same person (me), over and over again, without even mentioning the ‘other side’. It’s like an announcement without consequences, just like the ‘late night’ programs, “Trump said.

“Should the Federal Election Commission and / or the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) investigate this?” Surely there is coordination with the Democrats and, of course, with Russia! It’s such a biased coverage, mostly false news. It’s hard to believe that I won and I keep winning, “he wrote in his Twitter account.

Trump has repeatedly criticized “Saturday Night Live”, a weekly comedy show where actor Alec Baldwin often appears to play the president, although no new episode was aired this Saturday.

Instead, a chapter released in December in which Baldwin, characterized as Trump, imagined his life was cast if he had never been elected president, with a nod to the 1946 film “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The federal investigation with which Trump threatened would not be so easy to open, given that both the FCC and the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) are independent agencies of the Government, led by some members of republican tendency and others of a democratic nature.

The intervention of the FCC, which regulates communications in the United States, would in any case be more likely than that of the FEC, which could only investigate the humor programs if there were suspicions of illegal ties with electoral interests, as Trump hinted.

The president’s threat contrasted with other of his tweets, in which he defended two presenters of his favorite channel, Fox News, which have generated controversy for his racist comments, Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson.

“The radical democrats of the left, working closely with their beloved partner, the false media, are using all the tricks they have to SILENCE a majority of our country,” denounced the president.EFEUSA)


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