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The Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa takes his art to the Hudson Yards in New York

 New York, .- The masterpiece of the Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa has arrived in New York, where his work “Voices” beautifies the great hall of 30 Hudson Yards, part of the new set of buildings in West Manhattan described as the largest real estate project deprived of US history

Formed by eleven large spheres of hollow steel suspended with thin cables of the high ceiling, more than ten meters high, Plensa has wanted with these pieces to pay homage to cultural diversity while urging unity.

Thus, the pieces, which weigh between 180 and 2,200 kilos, are formed by the superposition of letters of eight alphabets, including Latin, Cyrillic and Chinese, to form complex lines whose shadows, with sunlight, are reflected in the immense walls of space.

“The eleven areas that confirm ‘Voices’ are composed of letters from eight different alphabets to inspire people with the idea that although we come from many places and many cultures, we are here as one community,” Plensa explained in a statement Hudson Yards.

The public will also be able to see the work from different perspectives, since it is located on two sections of escalators, whose movement provides a constant change of point of view.

The Hudson Yards real estate project, consisting of 6 skyscrapers, a seven-story and 93,000-square-meter shopping center, a new school and an avant-garde cultural space, has cost some 25,000 million dollars, and has been directed, among others, by Stephen Ross, the president of the Real Estate Related Companies.

It was Ross who personally decided which artists were going to be in charge of decorating the monumental urban complex, among which he chose the Catalan sculptor.

“When Stephen Ross asked me to create a large sculpture for 30 Hudson Yards, I said yes immediately,” he says in the Plensa text, known worldwide for his great works that occupy public spaces in some of the most important cities in the world.

“Public spaces have been essential in my work for many years, because they have a tremendous capacity to connect people not only with art, but with other people,” he explained.

According to specialized media, Ross was so impressed with the work of Plensa, known especially for its huge heads in metal or marble, that he has acquired one of the metal versions of more than 4 meters high to decorate the garden of his residence in Palm Beach , Florida, a piece that is usually around $ 875,000.

The 30th of the Hudson Yards will serve as offices for the staff of CNN, HBO, Warner Media, the Norwegian financial company DNB, the US company specializing in investment funds KKR, the Related real estate and the Wellls Fargo bank. (EFEUSA)

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