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They dismiss surgeon in Miami who published photos of operations sex change

 Miami, Miami – A Miami hospital doctor was fired after posting photos of patients and even some of the genitals of people who had surgery for a sex change on his personal Instagram account, a local media reported on Wednesday.

Dr. Christopher John Salgado, section head of the LGBTQ Wellness Center of the University of Miami Health System, was fired after discovering that he published photos of patients and sex reassignment operations, some of the images disseminated to the past month, the Miami Herald newspaper reported.

The surgeon published in his account @sexsurgeon, among others, images such as a penis that had been removed to a transgender patient and framed in the shape of a heart, along with the message: “There are many ways to show your love.”

Lisa Worley, a hospital center spokeswoman, confirmed in a statement that Salgado no longer works at the university.

“The University of Miami is committed to promoting and supporting diversity in its students, faculty and staff, and finds transphobic comments unacceptable,” Worley added.

The contents of Salgado’s Instagram account, which has already been unsubscribed, was alerted by TransAdvocate, a news platform dedicated to transgender people and motivated a petition signed by members of this collective addressed to the College of Surgeons of the United States. .

“We experience violence, negligence, misunderstandings, sexual assault and more, seeing a surgeon who claims to specialize in the treatment of transgender patients using racist, homophobic and transphobic hashtags (…) is more than unacceptable,” the letter states.
A spokesperson for this entity, however, told the newspaper that Salgado is not part of this school. (EFEUSA)

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