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Natalia Jimenez says that motherhood has made her “less selfish”

 Miami, .- The Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez said that motherhood, which had never been raised, has “changed his life”, which is now “less selfish” and that his daughter is a reason “to pull ahead.”

“I always said that I was never going to have children, but I thought it was better to reproduce because maybe I was left with the desire, and now I wake up in the morning and I have a reason to push forward, to work, to get out,” she said. Madrid in an interview with Efe in Miami, in South Florida.

Away from the stage for about three years, after the arrival of her daughter, Alessandra, the composer decided to make a break in her career to devote herself body and soul to her family, because she did not want to “lose those little moments at home” , He said.

“I had to take advantage of those first months in which I did not want to miss his first word, nor the first time I walked, I have all those memories in my head and I did not want someone to tell me that my daughter had spoken,” she explained.

The singer and composer, winner of a Grammy Award and two Latin Grammy, never considered leaving her profession completely and if she had previously considered herself an “anti-child” person, she now assures that motherhood has changed her life “for good “

“Turning into a mother has made me more crazy than ever, because I have not slept and eaten for two years,” said Jiménez, who lives between Mexico and Miami.

The Spaniard, who made her acquaintance with the group La Quinta Estación, had limited her public appearances although she remained a jury on the program “La Voz Kids”, which broadcasts on the Telemundo network, as well as on “La Voz” in Mexico, broadcast on Televisa, together with Maluma, Annita and Carlos Rivera.

Also, in 2016 he released “Homage to the Great Lady”, an album in homage to Jenni Rivera.

This 2019, before a series of concerts, Madrid has released a new single, “Nunca Es Tarde”, together with Jesús Navarro, vocalist of Reik, and is immersed in the production of his next album with the mariachi group “Gama 1000 “.

It is a compilation of ranchera versions that once played great artists such as Rocío Dúrcal or Juan Gabriel. For this the singer will have the participation of Mexican music figures such as Paquita la del Barrio, Pedro Fernandez, Alex Fernandez or Banda MS.

The album will be a kind of tribute to a country that, he said, welcomed her “in awe” when in 2002 she settled there with 20 years, and where she consolidated her artistic career, first as vocalist of La Quinta Estación, with whom she recorded 4 albums of study, and then as a soloist, a facet that began with a self-titled album published in 2011.

“I was born in Madrid and I lived there until 2002, and since then I have only returned to work,” the singer added, affirming that she has no problem admitting that she considers herself “more Mexican than Spanish.”

Jiménez has just performed at the Luna Park in Buenos Aires (Argentina), at the PWR Festival and on the occasion of International Women’s Day, and is getting ready to take the stage of the Coliseo de Puerto Rico on May 11, date on that the United States celebrates Mother’s Day.

“In Puerto Rico they always love me very much and that concert is always full, it’s the second time I do it, but the first time I did it was not a mom and now it is,” she said.

When not on stage, Jimenez says he is “the same person: crazy, hyperactive and very handy”. “I like doing crafts, painting, doing things at home, sewing, I’m quite an artist in that sense,” he says, while confessing that “dancing is what is worse” is given.

The presentation in Puerto Rico will be the start of a tour of the United States, Mexico and Latin America, after which he hopes to publish his new album, which will be the third of unpublished songs after “Creo en Mí”, of 2015. (EFE)

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