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Microsoft will release a computer version of the popular Xbox Halo game

Stanford (CA), .- Microsoft announced today that it will release a PC version of the popular videogame Halo Xbox console, something fans have been asking for this saga for years through social networks and specialized portals.

The announcement was made during the live broadcast of Inside Xbox, in which every month those responsible for the video console take the opportunity to present news, and specified that it will be available in the package “Halo: The Master Chief Collection”, which will include several of the original games of the series.

The company did not specify a launch date, but did indicate that when it goes on the market, Halo for computers will be available in its online store and the videogame chain Steam.

“The most important and critical element of this project is to ensure that ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ will be a first class experience on the computer,” said the firm based in Redmond (Washington State).

“The team is committed to a great passion to ensure that all the features, details and specificities that can be expected from a modern title for PCs are included,” they added from Microsoft.

The firm will release all the games of the Halo saga in the chronological order of the story, starting with the prequel “Halo: Reach” that was released for Xbox in 2010, followed by “Halo: Combat Evolved” (2001) and so on “Halo” 4 “(2012).

The announcement on Tuesday is part of the strategy followed by Microsoft in recent years to integrate all of its titles on different platforms, something decided by both the head of Xbox video games, Phil Spencer, and the CEO of the company , Satya Nadella.

During Inside Xbox, the company also revealed that from April 4, Minecraft will be available on Xbox Game Pass, and noted that since its launch in 2011, the game already has more than 91 million active players around the world ” of all ages and countries. “(EFEUSA)

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