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Internal investigation finds salary discrimination against men in Google

San Francisco, .- An internal investigation published today by Google found that in 2018 several of its male workers received a lower salary than their peers for doing the same type of tasks, before which the company allocated several million dollars to compensate them.

In an entry in the company’s official blog, Google’s chief salary analyst, Lauren Barbato, said they found a “particularly large” job category, that of the level 4 software engineers, in which the men were being paid less than women.

In total, Google distributed 9.7 million among 10,677 of its employees to compensate those who had received less money than their peers in 2018 by reason of their gender or race, but did not specify what exact percentage of those 10,677 people are men or engineers of level 4 software.

The company based in Mountain View (California) conducts this internal study every year, and in 2017 compensated 228 of its employees with $ 270,000 considering that they had been paid less than their colleagues, but did not specify their gender.

About half of the salary differences in 2018 were caused by variations in the salary offered at the time of closing new contracts, meaning that in the case of software engineers, new recruits were offered more money than new hired

The results of this internal investigation caused a surprise among the analysts and the specialized media of Silicon Valley today, since the technological industry has been placed in the public eye during the last years precisely because of the general perception that it is a sector dominated by a ” “male” culture in which women are systematically discriminated against.

At the end of last year, Google employees themselves were in their offices around the world who took to the streets in a coordinated action against what they consider is a culture that “protects” sexual harassers against women in the company. (EFEUSA)

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