Actress Christian Bach dies at age 59 due to respiratory arrest

 Mexico, .- The actress Christian Bach, born in Argentina and based in Mexico, died last Tuesday through a respiratory arrest at age 59, her family reported Friday through a statement.

“By this means, we want to share with you a great sorrow for this family, Christian Bach died on February 26 of this year due to a respiratory arrest,” explained the Zurita-Bach family.

The statement says that “it was always his will to keep personal and family matters in absolute privacy” and asks that this news be treated with “respect and affection” to “be faithful to his wishes and his behavior always respectful and full of affection”.

“Christian was a great actress and an exemplary woman, a great mother and a wife who filled the lives of their families with love, courage, courage and great desire to live fully, in a manner consistent with their ideas and desires,” he added. the missive

Her relatives told her that now they must “follow in her footsteps and move forward without her, without her physical presence” convinced that they will never stop “loving” her and having her “in mind”.

Finally, they said goodbye to “a woman dedicated to her children, her family and her public that she loved and respected.”

Christian Bach was born in 1959 in Buenos Aires, graduated as an attorney and later moved to Mexico to dedicate herself to acting.

Married to Mexican actor and producer Humberto Zurita, Bach became a reference for Mexican soap operas, in which she used to play villainous roles.

He made a secondary role in “The rich also cry” (1979), starred in “Bodas de odio” (1983), “De pura sangre” (1985), “La chacala” (1997) and “La patrona” (2013) and produced along with her husband “Azul tequila” (1999), among other projects.

In 2014, he participated in the telenovela “La impostora” with one of his sons, the actor Sebastián Zurita.

Bach won Televisa’s TVyNovelas award for best actress in 1984 and 1989 and the Tu Mundo award from Telemundo for best actress in 2013.

He also participated in the cinema with a dozen films such as “Brigade in action” (1977), “Gavilán o paloma” (1985), “I am free” (1991), “El secreto” (2011) and “Deseo” (2013). ). (EFE)


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