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Yalitza Aparicio, in a media hurricane a few days away from the Oscars

Mexico, .- Yalitza Aparicio, Oscar nominee for “Rome”, lives an authentic media hurricane being magazine cover, recognized by Mexican lawmakers, victim of alleged plots and even insulted for being indigenous.

The young woman, 25, has starred on the cover of numerous fashion magazines and has become the first woman of indigenous descent to appear on the first page of Vogue.
This Thursday, the magazine HELLO! He placed it on the front with a long red dress with a neckline. And he accompanied this image with several headlines of the interview made to the actress.

“I’ve always been proud of who I am and who I am,” says one of the headlines, while in another he says he has no speech prepared if he wins the Oscar next Sunday.

However, the criticisms were not long in coming. Not towards her but towards the publication by touching up the image of the young woman, who appears somewhat thinner and even with a whiter complexion.

“Some support it … others touch it up,” newspaper El Universal, one of the best-selling newspapers in Mexico, said on Friday.
And in previous covers, like the iconic one in Vogue, the skin color of this woman from the southern state of Oaxaca, one of the poorest in the country, was respected.

In networks, the abuse of Photoshop grew like foam.
The Twitter account “Malditos stereotipos”, for example, criticized ¡HOLA! for “resisting to see beauty beyond European standards”.

But this is not the only controversy in which this young woman has been seen, a teacher by profession without experience in the interpretation prior to “Rome” by Alfonso Cuarón, who aspires to ten awards.

In recent days, the actor Sergio Goyri called the actress, in a very derogatory way, “pinche india”, to which she responded -according to her manager- with elegance: “The Indians are from India”.

Although it was never fully confirmed, there was also an alleged plot against Yalitza by several actresses through a WhatsApp chat to prevent Aparicio from participating in the category of Best Actress in the Ariel awards in Mexican cinema.

Positively, the fury of “Rome” is more than evident, because although it generates division of opinions, it is seen by many Mexicans as an example and vindication of the national cinema, and of the country itself.
And the support is more than evident in such unusual scenarios as politics.

On Thursday, Mexican deputies called for respect for the country’s ethnic diversity and cultural wealth as part of a tribute to the best actress nominee at the most famous film awards.

During the recognition to Yalitza for “its transcendence in the public sphere”, the deputies asked the states and municipalities throughout the country to promote policies and measures to prevent and eradicate discrimination in all its expressions.

Oblivious to all this, or not, Yalitza Aparicio, still somewhat sparing on social networks, wrote this Thursday: “In Los Angeles, California”, and accompanied the text of several hearts.

The more than 1.1 million followers who add to Instagram and its almost 200,000 on Twitter will follow its vicissitudes in the movie mecca, and its possible victory on Sunday.

If it becomes effective, it will taste more Mexican than ever. (EFE)

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