Ford calls for revision 1.48 million “pickup” trucks F-150

Ford automaker today recalled about 1.48 million F-150 pickup trucks in North America because of a transmission defect that allows the vehicle to be unexpectedly placed in the first gear.
Ford said in a statement that the problem affects vehicles from the 2011 to 2013 models of the pickup truck F-150 with six-speed automatic transmission.

The problem seems to have caused five accidents, according to the company. In one of them, the sudden reduction in first gear caused cervical injuries to car occupants.

Ford noted that the problem is caused by the intermittent loss of the speed sensor signal, which can lead to the reduction to first.
“Depending on vehicle speed, first-gear reduction without warning could result in a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of impact,” Ford said.

Of the 1.48 million vehicles affected, around 1.26 million are in the country and another 221,000 in Canada.
Ford stated that, to solve the problem, the company’s dealers will update the transmission control module software in the affected vehicles.

The manufacturer also said it will make two other calls to review that affect just over 33,000 vehicles of the Lincoln Continental, Ford Mustang and Lincoln Nautilus and Navigator models.

The first call to review refers to 28,200 Lincoln Continental 2017 to 2019 in the country and Canada.
Vehicles have problems with closing their doors, which can cause them to open unexpectedly when the vehicle is in operation.

The second affects 4,350 vehicles in the country and Canada, whose control panels do not work when the car is in operation.

The affected vehicles are of the Ford Mustang and Lincoln Nautilus and Navigator 2019 models. (EFEUSA) .-


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