The elegant and carefree woman of Carolina Herrera parades in New York

The elegant and carefree woman of Carolina Herrera parades in New York A model presents a creation for the Autumn / Winter collection of the Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera during the Fashion Week in New York, this Monday, in the United States. EFE

The elegant but self-assured and confident woman, dressed in bright colored garments and exaggerated volumes, toured today the fashion house Carolina Herrera, who presented her expected fall proposal at New York Fashion Week.

Wes Gordon, the creative director of the firm, opted for magenta, cerulean blue, coral or yellow sunflower in wide skirts and voluminous sleeves, to project his image of a modern female that makes a difference.
“Carolina Herrera’s wife is colorful, she stands out, she has a good time, she throws her head back when she laughs, and she never seeks to blend in with what surrounds her,” Gordon explained shortly before the parade on social networks.

“On a day when everyone is wearing black coats, she wears a fuchsia, because the world is serious enough,” she explained.

The first piece that appeared on the catwalk of the elegant Historical Society of New York, where the designer already made his debut for Carolina Herrera last September, perfectly reflected this illusion.

A dress of exaggerated dimensions, composed of three large and gathered strips of fabric decorated with a small pattern of blue sky flowers on a background of intense yellow, was the design that, with only a glance, clearly conveyed the idea of ​​the young Gordon, of 32 years.

They were followed by elegant suits of classic lines, driven however by the cerulean blue that monopolized the piece, or a long and flowing dress in fuchsia pink, fitted at the waist and high neck, decorated with a floral print in the same color but satin finish.

The designer also played with the layers of tulle overlapping in other dresses, in fuchsia for a voluminous skirt dress with a discreet cape that ripped from the shoulders, or in another one-shoulder model in pale pink, fitted to the waist, from which came a discreet cascade of orange tissue.

For the outerwear, the fashion house opted for long models, almost to the ground, with classic and straight lines, in black, pink or in a Gray Prince of Wales print.

The large structured steering wheel was one of the most used elements in the sleeves of some of the garments, which were seen in black or blue white tops, a dramatic touch that took over the whole look.

To dress the feet, the fashion house opted for a comfortable shoe style babucha, also in bright colors, both flat and with a discreet and fine heel.

Of course, the founder of the fashion magazine did not miss the event, one of the most attention received in the Fashion Week in New York, where she was smiling and relaxed, dressed in a gray suit jacket and skirt and accessories in bordeaux.

In the first row of the parade, faces as well known as Anna Wintour, creative director of Condé Nast, a group that includes the fashion magazine Vogue, as well as the actresses Michelle Monaghan, Shailene Woodley and Camilla Belle.

Gordon, who worked as a creative consultant for Carolina Herrera for a year before her appointment was announced, thanked the show shortly before the opportunity given by her Venezuelan mentor, who she said has been a “great learning opportunity.”

The designer revealed that, since Herrera retired as active designer of the brand, both are often seen, meetings in which “never talk about work”, since both she and her husband, Reinaldo Herrera Guevara, have been Become “good friends”.

Among the most valuable advice he has left: that sometimes the most brave thing that a designer can do is to be elegant, revealed the American designer, who said to aim to continue designing for a woman “feminine, dramatic, powerful and passionate”. (EFEUSA) .-


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