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Panama and Cuba will not have money prize as finalists of the Caribbean Series

Panama and Cuba will compete for the final of the Caribbean Series baseball tonight just for the prestige, because the invited teams will not receive a prize in money, the organizers explained on Sunday.

Erick Almonte, president of the Federation of Professional Peloteros of the Caribbean, threw a bucket of cold water to the celebration of both casts when saying that “they will not be able to depend on the prize”, in total 215,000 dollars, for not being members of the Confederation of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean.

Almonte made it clear that the guests, through regulations and agreements “between the leagues and the Caribbean confederation, are not allowed to participate in the prizes, either as a team or as an individual”.

The winner of the first place, Panamanian or Cuban, should pocket 60% of 215,000 dollars, while the second would take 40% of the total, but by preset agreements, those who stole the show will not see a penny.

That prize would be distributed among the teams that finished third and fourth place, which is between Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

“Regrettably this is what the agreements say, I am very sorry for all the effort, especially for the Panamanian team, which has played great baseball, for me the MVP of the series is Javier Guerra, but because of the same situation he can not participate in the special prizes “, commented the leader of the professional rallies of the Caribbean.
The president of Panamanian professional baseball, David Salayandia, said at a press conference on Sunday that Guerra is the most valuable of the series, and that he expects to receive his prize in cash.

Salayandia, who complained that the Confederation did not comply with some verbal offerings to cover expenses of Panama and only two days before the end, communicated the limitations, said that Guerra should be touched $ 7,000 in prizes, but we must see to what agreement is reached with the Peloteros Federation, so that it charges.

“We are negotiating with the players’ federation, but it is more likely that they will win, because Guerra is a major league, is affiliated with the federation and the MLB players association weighs more than the Caribbean,” he said.

The leader did admit, without detailing figures, that they did give some money for travel expenses of the players, that the Confederation spent about $ 100,000 on improvements to the Rod Carew stadium, but that is “very far” from the debt that Panama has with the team.

The agreements were apparently signed before Panama saved the tournament to the Confederation of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean (CBPC), commanded by the Dominican Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, after the same could not be done in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, to the political crisis that country is experiencing.

It is that Puello, the most wanted in the seven days of peloteril tournament, and the CBPC, did not expect the guests – Cuba and Panama – to land the fixed ones: Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Tonight, Cuba and Panama will play a romantic final, despite being the best of the tournament, and Salayandia jokingly said: “I hope if we win at least give us the trophy, because of money, nothing.” (EFE) .-

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