Puerto Rico ruling party demands Trump allocate funds for reconstruction

Puerto Rico ruling party demands Trump allocate funds for reconstruction US President Donald J. Trump (c) at the Capitol in Washington, DC (USA). EFE / Archive

  The leadership of the ruling New Progressive Party (NPP) on Sunday approved a resolution to demand that US President Donald Trump comply with the total allocation of funds to attend the reconstruction of the island, following the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The resolution, approved in an ordinary session in Aguadilla (Northwest), emphasizes that the process for the recovery and reconstruction of Puerto Rico, as a result of the damages caused by the cyclones, must occur under equal conditions that exist in other jurisdictions of The USA. who have suffered natural disasters.

To that effect, as stipulated by the PNP at the meeting, the federal government “must comply with the claim of the American citizens of Puerto Rico with the same attention and diligence as they treat the citizens residing in the states of the union.”

The board of directors, in turn, approved to support the position assumed by Governor Rosselló, of claiming Trump “the faithful fulfillment of all the federal funds assigned to Puerto Rico for its recovery and reconstruction, as a consequence of the damages caused by the Hurricanes Irma and Maria “.

In addition, the management of the collective agreed to demand from the Trump Administration “a fair, dignified and agile bringing in the disbursement of the federal funds that were approved for Puerto Rico for its recovery and reconstruction”, which surpass the 8,000 million dollars .

The PNP also approved the efforts made by the representative of Puerto Rico before Congress in Washington, Jenniffer González, for these purposes.

Finally, the collective – in favor of the annexation of Puerto Rico with the United States as state 51 of the North American country – agreed to disclose the content of this resolution in local and national media, such as the institutional position of the PNP.

Hurricane Maria, which caused 2,975 officially recognized deaths and damages of close to 90,000 million dollars, also caused some 55,000 homes to be kept with temporary ceilings. (EFE) .-


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