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The investigations around Cohen continue after his sentence, according to a judge

A judge in New York on Thursday revealed that US authorities are continuing investigations into the exodus of President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, who was sentenced last December to three years in prison.

The magistrate, William Pauley, made the information public in his response to a request from several media outlets for documents to be made public about the case.

In his decision, Pauley determined that the Government should give access to information, but could cover certain contents so as not to affect “aspects of his investigation that are still ongoing.”

“At this time, the full disclosure of the material would reveal the scope and direction of the Government’s ongoing investigation, it would also reveal the objectives of the investigation and possible conduct under scrutiny,” the judge said in a brief.

Pauley confirmed that among the issues being investigated are issues connected to the violation of electoral campaign financing rules, a key part of the conviction against Cohen.

Last December, the same judge sentenced Trump’s body to three years in prison, after he pleaded guilty to a total of eight crimes, which also included tax evasion and false statements to a bank.

Cohen admitted, among other things, that he had organized, on behalf of the current president, payments to silence during the presidential campaign of 2016 two women who supposedly had extramarital relations with Trump.

The lawyer directly involved the New York tycoon, ensuring that at all times acted under his direction and with the aim of influencing the elections, so it would be undeclared payments and, therefore, illegal.

Subsequently, last November, Cohen also pleaded guilty to having tricked Congress into the details of Trump’s real estate business in Russia.

The lawyer, imputed by the special prosecutor’s office that investigates the links between Trump’s electoral campaign in 2016 and the Kremlin, said he lied “for loyalty” to the president. (EFEUSA) .-

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