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Trump invites relatives of people killed by immigrants to the State of the Union

  The president, Donald Trump, invited his speech on the State of the Union to law enforcement officers, ex-offenders, an ex-drug addict and relatives of those killed by immigrants, among others, in a stamp of their political agenda so far in office, informed the White House.

The daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Gerald and Sharon David, who were murdered last January in their home in Reno (Nevada) by an undocumented immigrant, will be invited by the president on Tuesday to the speech in Congress, in Washington.

Trump also invited Matthew Charles, who after 22 years in prison for selling drugs was the first prisoner to benefit from the criminal reform promoted by the president who was released in January of this year.

She will also be in the State of the Union expresses Alice Johnson, whom Trump pardoned after 22 years in prison for drug crimes and for which the celebrity Kim Kardashian had advocated in a meeting with the president in the White House.

The guest list also includes Judah Samet, Holocaust survivor and also the shooting in the synagogue in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) in October left 11 dead. Related to that shooting, police officer Timothy Matson is also invited, who was shot and wounded.

Among the guests with the seal of first lady, Melania Trump, is the teenager Joshua Trump, victim of bullying. Another girl who will be in Congress is Grace Eline, who recently has overcome brain cancer.

The list goes on with the opiate addict Ashley Evans, who recently celebrated her first year of abstinence.

Trump has also invited Roy James, a lumber worker who closed his doors but who reopened as a result of the tax reform pushed by the president.

The president also invited Tom Wibberley, the father of one of the victims of the al Qaeda suicide attack against the destroyer USS Cole in 2000 in Yemen, to his speech.

Finally, Trump included in the list the special agent Elvin Hernandez, of the Department of National Security (DHS), in charge of operations against the trafficking of people, criminal gangs and drug trafficking.

With this large list of guests, the Trump emphasize their political priorities such as the fight against opiates and the fight against irregular immigration, as well as their achievements so far like the tax and criminal reforms. (EFEUSA) .-

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