The Coast Guard lands 15 tons of cocaine in a port in Florida

 The US Coast Guard unloaded a shipment of some 15.7 tons of cocaine, valued at 466 million dollars, which was intercepted in several operations in eastern Pacific waters, in the port of Everglades (South Florida).

The cargo presented is the result of 21 seizures made by six Coast Guard patrols in Pacific waters, specifically in areas near the coasts of Mexico, Central America and South America, the institution said in a statement.

Only the coastguard of the “Forward” vessel apprehended a total of 6,400 kilos of cocaine in eight operations, while the “Hamilton” intercepted a total of 4,300 kilos of drugs in five other operations against drug trafficking.

“I am extremely proud of the women and men who contributed to the success of this mission, a direct reflection of the diligence with which the US Coast Guard” operates “anytime and anywhere,” said Michael Sharp, chief of the patrol “Hamilton.”

The US Coast Guard has increased its presence in the eastern Pacific and the Caribbean basin, areas commonly used in the “transit of drugs outside of Central and South America,” as part of its strategy to combat drug trafficking in the hemisphere, Sharp added. (EFEUSA) .-


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