The Chicago airport regains the throne of more US operations

 O’Hare international airport recovered after four years the first place of operations in the United States, with more than 900,000 flights and 83.4 million passengers in 2018, announced today the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel.

The figures were confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration, which registered 903,747 arrivals and departures to the city’s main international airport, while the second place in the country corresponded to Harstfield-Jackson International Airport in the city of Atlanta, with 895,502.

The 903,747 operations in 2018 represent an increase of 4.2% over the previous year, while the Atlanta International Airport registered a 1.8% increase in the number of flights.

The aerodromes of Los Angeles, Dallas / Fort Worth and Denver were ranked third, fourth and fifth, respectively, the FAA said.

“Chicago is proud to have the best connected airport in the country, and the busiest in terms of flights, passenger transport and cargo,” Emanuel said in a statement detailing the operations at O’Hare and Midway, the second international airport. from the city.

As reported, between the two airports mobilized 105 million passengers last year, of which 83.4 million corresponded to O’Hare.

In terms of air cargo, there were 1,870 metric tons handled at O’Hare, and a total of 200,000 million dollars of imports and exports.

Emanuel said that these figures are due to the modernization projects launched at both airports, which will include a new terminal at O’Hare in the next eight years, with a budget of about 8.5 billion dollars.

On the 17th, the Mayor of Chicago announced the futuristic designs made by the five finalists competing for the renovation of the international airport, including the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and the Colombian Juan Gabriel Moreno, associated with the English firms Fuster and Epstein.

In addition, the mayor highlighted today the 10% increase in international flights and the expansion of routes made by American and United airlines, which have two of Chicago’s main operations centers in the country.

Chicago and Atlanta alternate in the first place of operations in the USA. with a domain in the last four years of Harstfield-Jackson International, which apparently will maintain dominance in the number of passengers passing through its terminals.


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