Earthquake of 6.5 shakes south border of Mexico and generates evacuation in the capital

An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred on Friday in the Mexican state of Chiapas (southeast), on the border with Guatemala, and forced the evacuation of buildings in the capital of the country without so far reported victims or serious damage.

The earthquake occurred 37 kilometers southwest of Ciudad Hidalgo, in Chiapas, at 10.14 local time (16.14 GMT), said the National Seismological Service (SSN). Initially the SSN had reported a magnitude of 6.6.

The jolt caused the eviction in the headquarters building of the Government of Mexico City, where the mayor Claudia Sheinbaum was presenting a security plan in the capital Metro network.

Upon returning to the event, the local Citizen Security Secretary, Jesus Orta, reported that for now there are no affectations in the city due to the earthquake, which did not trigger the seismic alert in the capital.

The quake was also felt in the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Tabasco, Puebla and Veracruz, as well as in Chiapas itself, where Governor Rutilio Escandón indicated through the Twitter network that security protocols were activated but did not report any damage. .

 Nor has there been any reports of victims or damages in other states.

In 2017, 471 people died in Mexico because of three earthquakes, on September 7, 19 and 23, in the largest natural tragedy in Mexico since the 1985 earthquake, which left thousands dead in the country’s capital.

The magnitude 8.2 earthquake with epicenter in Chiapas on September 7 left 98 fatalities; 78 of them in Oaxaca, 16 in Chiapas and four in Tabasco. The one of September 19, of magnitude 7.1 and with epicenter between Puebla and Morelos (center), left 369 dead, 228 of them in Mexico City.

Four other people lost their lives on September 23, when an earthquake of 6.1 in southern Mexico triggered a seismic alert in the capital. (EFE) .-


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