Yalitza Aparicio and Diego Boneta will work together on a new project

Yalitza Aparicio and Diego Boneta will work together on a new project Photo courtesy of the production of the film "Roma" by Alfonso Cuarón where the actress Yalitza Aparicio appears as Cleo and Marco Graf as Pepe, during a scene of it. "Rome", by Alfonso Cuarón. EFE / Carlos Somonte / Rome / ONLY EDITORIAL USE

Mexican actors Yalitza Aparicio, who stars in “Roma,” and Diego Boneta, star of “Luis Miguel, the series,” announced that they will “work together” on a project that will be unveiled “soon.”

“Yali and I have a surprise for you, very happy that we are going to work together, very soon you will see what it is,” said Boneta, smiling and holding Aparicio in a video posted on his Instagram profiles.

The artist, of indigenous descent and Oscar nominee for best actress, reiterated that the project in which they work “is a surprise” and called on her followers to “wait for the news”.

Boneta, who last year played the Mexican singer Luis Miguel in one of the most successful Netflix series, took the opportunity to congratulate Aparicio for his nomination and assured that “whatever happens you are already a winner”.

“Thank you very much, of course, we all won with these nominations,” said smiling Aparicio, who will be at the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles next February 24th.

According to the actor, Aparicio will be “representing Mexico” and is a sample of “Mexican pride”.

On Monday, it transpired on social networks that a collective of urban art painted a huge mural by Yalitza Aparicio on the side wall of a building in the district of Iztapalapa, in the southeast of the Mexican capital.

The mural shows the artist half-torso and black and white, surrounded by four birds in front of a picture of a landscape.

It is not the first time that they pay tribute to the artist of “Roma”, because last week a store in northern Mexico produced a piñata for the artist.

Yalitza Aparicio represents an indigenous household worker in “Roma”, the film by Mexican Alfonso Cuarón nominated for 10 Oscars.

Since the film premiered, Aparicio, from a humble family in the southern state of Oaxaca and without artistic training, has received multiple praises for his good performance in the film.

In addition, she has starred on the cover of numerous fashion magazines and has become the first woman of indigenous descent to appear on the first page of Vogue. (EFE) .-


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