The Patriots leave for Atlanta to play the Super Bowl

 Foxborough (USA), Jan. 27 – The New England Patriots gathered some 35,000 fans on their playing field at the “Gillette Stadium” in their farewells before heading to Atlanta, where they will play the Super Bowl next Sunday. Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams.

The head coach, Bill Belichick, said such a large attendance gives the team a bigger push to give a hundred percent with the goal of returning home with the Vince Lombardi trophy.

“This is an incredible crowd, just tremendous, this is the biggest farewell we’ve had,” said Belichick.
The head coach thanked the crowd that filled the entire playing field and the lower section of the stadium.

The team’s decision to start on Sunday contributed to a great attendance. Last year, the Patriots left for the Super Bowl on Monday.

The owners of the team, Robert and Jonathan Kraft, spoke before the crowd and underlined the 25th anniversary of the purchase of the equipment.

Like the owners of the Patriots, players James White, David Andrews, Matthew Slater, Patrick Chung, Devin McCourty and Tom Brady also spoke to the crowd.
Brady asked attendees on several occasions to sing “We’re still here!”, Which has been one of the team’s phrases.

After the meeting with their fans, the Patriots went to the airport located in Rhode Island, where they plan to board the plane that will take them to Atlanta, at 4:30 Eastern Time. (EFE)


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