The CAF places a bonus for 750 million dollars at 5 years in Europe, USA. and Asia

The CAF places a bonus for 750 million dollars at 5 years in Europe, USA. and Asia Luis Carranza, CAF executive president. EFE / Archive

 Latin American development bank CAF reported Thursday that it issued a $ 750 million bond for a 5-year term with a coupon of 0.625 percent and that it was placed between central banks, fund managers and commercial banks. Europe, the United States and Asia.

“We are pleased to start the year attracting funds from international markets to Latin America to promote sustainable development, productivity and regional integration,” Luis Carranza, the chief executive of Latin American development bank CAF, said in a statement.

In 2018, the multilateral bank placed 4.9 billion dollars, which is the highest figure in the history of CAF and an increase of 28 percent compared to the 3.8 billion issued in 2017.

This fact, Carranza added, “ratifies the confidence of international investors in the role of the institution to promote sustainable development in the region through comprehensive interventions.”

During the past year, the multilateral entity also issued its first green bonds worth 132 million dollars and achieved the largest private placement in its history for an amount of 525 million dollars, the statement said.

In its management, CAF transversally incorporates environmental sustainability and climate change in the region through programs, projects and actions that promote sustainable productive transformation and green infrastructure in the shareholder countries.

In the same way, the institution directs efforts to the identification and structuring of projects and programs for the international green funds, explained in this regard.

CAF, which was established in 1970, is currently composed of 19 countries (17 from Latin America and the Caribbean, plus Spain and Portugal) and 14 private banks.

Its main mission is to promote sustainable development and regional integration, by financing projects from the public and private sectors, the provision of technical cooperation and other specialized services, the organization explained. (EFE) .-

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