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Obesity has become a subject of appearance rather than health

 Obesity and overweight have become a widespread health problem; However, many women seek aesthetic surgery to combat these ills, which makes them a topic of appearance rather than health, said the expert Elsa Muñiz García today.

Muñiz, researcher of the Postgraduate Course in Feminist Studies at the Xochimilco Unit of the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) in Mexico City, said that the modifications to the body are surrounded by a set of ideas that leads to think of effectiveness and immediacy.

“It is faster and provides better results undergo a liposuction to spend months exercising the body and undergoing diets,” said the doctor in Anthropology.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) points out that in 2016, only 41.4% of the total number of aesthetic surgical procedures was performed in only five countries – the United States, Brazil, Japan, Italy and Mexico.

Of these, liposuction and abdominoplasty occupy the first place in Mexico in the field of cosmetics, although the emergence of laparoscopic surgery for severe obesity has been widely accepted among those who require weight loss.

Liposuction is the most popular and popular surgery, and it is recommended to improve facial and body contours by removing unwanted and unsightly fat deposits through a cannula and a vacuum device that sucks adipose tissue.

Abdominoplasty, also called abdominal surgery or dermolipectomy, surgically removes excess skin and fatty tissue between the umbilicus and the lower abdominal fold depending on the needs of each patient in particular. The musculature of the abdominal wall can be sutured and retensioned.

These procedures directly appeal to the desire to approach imposed beauty models and gather in the same process bodily practices of medicine, beauty, normalization and violence, building a class of consumers, men and especially women, who adopt new types of emotions and desires in the pursuit of perfection, Muñiz said.

The researcher considered that self-esteem should not be linked to the physical appearance of people.

“But unfortunately in the modern world the cult of appearance has increasingly reified bodies, fragmenting the individual as a subject of totality, separating his organism from his mind and cosmetic surgery is the device that splits the being,” he said.

Cosmetic surgery, he said, creates fictional worlds through the transformation of defective bodies into perfect ones, into fictional subjects whose unreal qualities are unattainable for most men and women.

“In this way they serve as cult to the appearance, with the involuntary and negative results that are constituted in exclusionary and discriminatory processes for a wide sector of the society that does not resemble the esthetic model imposed”, finalized. (EFE) .-

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