Mayors and first ladies will meet with women solicitor for abuse

First ladies and mayors members of the Association of Mayors of Puerto Rico will meet tomorrow at the headquarters of the Office of the Women’s Procurator (OPM) with its head Lersy Boria, “to join efforts in the fight against gender violence”

“This appointment with Lersy Boria and her team is to help generate different strategies against gender violence, as well as to replicate those that have already developed from some municipalities,” Gretchen Hau, executive director of the Association of Women and Men, explained in a statement. Mayors in a statement.
This organization groups 45 of the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico. For the meeting tomorrow, about 30 women participants have already been confirmed.

Aida I. González, who directs the Office of Human Development of the municipality of Caguas, said that on many occasions, the municipalities are the first help of the victims, who come in search of emotional support and opportunities to achieve independence. and abandon the cycle of domestic violence.

“The OPM is in San Juan, there are 78 municipalities, the remaining 77 can help more if we coordinate work,” González added.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Salinas, Karilyn Bonilla, presented to the group that met last month at the headquarters of the municipal group, a project that has been worked in the district of Guayama with the Administration of Courts of Puerto Rico, where information is shared on the cases filed by Law 54 and officers of the municipal police and the mayor’s office cooperate with preventive rounds and advisory services.

“We also offer social and medical help to the victims, it is a project that is working and should be applied throughout Puerto Rico.” We want to know the reaction of the OPM in this regard, “he said.

In another of the initiatives presented to combat gender-based violence, the mayor of Morovis, Carmen Maldonado González, stressed that in the case of her people, she ordered the reopening of a municipal barracks that the previous administration had closed in Barrio Barahona.

“That is a community of about 3,000 people and we are making security services more accessible.

Soon we will inaugurate in Barahona a Services Office like the one we have in the urban center and the attention to these cases is a priority, “said Maldonado. (EFEUSA) .-


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