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Bush hands out pizzas and Kiss members give food to those affected by the closure

Former President George W. Bush handed out pizzas among Secret Service agents in charge of his security, while Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, of the legendary rock band Kiss, offered food in their restaurant to workers affected by the administrative closure.

On day 32 of the administrative paralysis, local media echoed the solidarity towards the 800,000 federal employees who for the second time since December 22 will stop receiving the check with their salary.

Bush, who governed from 2001 to 2009, uploaded photographs of the moment he distributed pizza boxes to his Facebook account among his security team, made up of Secret Service staff and not receiving any income due to partial closure.

“It is time for the leaders of both sides to put politics aside, join and end with partial closure,” the governor wrote last Friday, a publication echoed by different media today.

The former leader of the Republican party, the same as President Donald Trump, said that along with his wife, Laura, they are grateful to their Secret Service staff and the thousands of federal employees who are working for the country without charge.

For his part, Gene Simmons, one of the guitarists of Kiss, and his bandmate and also guitarist Paul Stanley offered the employees of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), responsible among other tasks of guarding the airports, food free at the different locations of the Rock & Brews Restaurants chain, of which they are partners.

“While the TSA continues to work on our behalf without pay, we want to make sure we can provide at least one delicious meal to show our support,” Stanley said in a video posted on Facebook and claiming that these employees “do a lot” by all.

25% of the Government Administration remains paralyzed since last December 22 in the midst of the dispute that Democrats and Republicans have over the resources to build a wall on the border with Mexico, the main campaign promise of Trump.

Last Saturday, the president offered the Democrats to extend two migratory programs canceled by himself, the DACA and the TPS, in exchange for funding for the border wall.

The initiative includes a three-year extension for the so-called dreamers, as is known to the beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and for those affected by the cancellation of the Temporary Protection Status (TPS), that protects hundreds of thousands of immigrants from deportation, although the opposition considered it insufficient. (EFEUSA) .-

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