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Pedro Capó faces with “calm” the worldwide success of his new single

 The Puerto Rican Pedro Capó faces with tranquility the worldwide success of his last song, “Calma”, in collaboration with his compatriot Farruko, who already accumulates more than 325 million visits on YouTube and leads the list of Spotify reproductions in countries like Spain.

“I do not want to see it in a heavy or complicated way (…) I want to leave the platforms and see people, sing live, that connection is the beautiful purpose,” he explained in an interview with Efe.
The song, which also leads reproductions in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Argentina or Panama, has been a point and part of the career of Capó, who has always had a very special relationship with music.

His grandfather was a renowned composer of Puerto Rico and his father, who was a singer-songwriter, always included him in his creative process: “All this was awakening the spark of my vocation, by DNA and by parenting,” he said.

The singer began to compose his songs and was part of rock bands from the age of 14, and when he came of age he went to the United States, first to Minnesota and then to New York, where he learned from his “own sound “and explored other paths such as theater and cinema.
In 2006, he signed with a major label and, after much effort after “20,000 trips and 10 pickups”, has now achieved this great success.

His music has evolved from his beginnings in rock to a more Caribbean pop that approaches Latin and urban rhythms, but the Puerto Rican has always tried to maintain “honesty”.

“My job is to be a commentator on life, I’m inspired by all of its expressions and I try to look for honesty, not think about success,” said Capó.

He is not afraid of change and he considers himself “daring and curious”, so he wants to adapt to the times and, although he has always felt close to urban rhythms, having grown up in the cradle of reggaeton and having had contact with hip hop and reggae in the United States, “now is what it sounds” and what influences it.

Even so, Capó explained that he tries to bring all styles closer to his own, maintaining his integrity and his personal identity.
Before the overwhelming figures of “Calma”, the singer is “surprised and grateful”, but he feels that it is still now when he is aware of the scope of the issue, when he starts talking to the press or listening to the radio.

The song, which was composed in Miami in search of a sound “that feels good”, is inspired by the Sundays that Capó spent as a child on the beach with his mother, but refers to all the spaces that can make listeners feel something like that.

“It’s like a hug, it’s like remembering that there are those spaces that we all have access to and that make us feel good, you do not have to pay a monthly fee to go walking, to talk nice or to go to the beach,” he explained.

There is also a message about the recovery of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, which hit the country in September 2017. “It is a way to heal and remember that calm always comes after the storm,” said Capó.
As for his future, the artist is clear that it will be within the music, and remains in the creative process “because if I do not go crazy,” he said, but wants to enjoy what he has now.

Now he is promoting in Mexico, a country where he has lived for a year and where he keeps many friends and “colleagues” musicians who have influenced his sound, and will continue visiting other countries such as Spain, where he will arrive in summer of this year. (EFE) .-

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