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They withdraw honorific titles to a Nobel prize for their racist comments

 The Cold Spring Harbor laboratory (CSHL) of New York removed the title of rector emeritus, professor emeritus and honorary advisor to the winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine James Watson for some xenophobic comments in which he associated race and intelligence.

In a statement today collected by local media, the scientific society deplored the statements of the ninety-year-old scientist in a PBS documentary entitled “American Masters: Decoding Watson”, in which he insisted on relating ethnicities and intelligence, stating that Differences in IQ among Caucasians and other races were reflected in the DNA.

“CSHL unequivocally rejects the uncorroborated and reckless personal opinions of Dr. James Watson,” writes the letter published on the website of the institution, which states that these statements are “reprehensible, not supported by science and that in no way represent the opinions of CSHL, its advisors and other members “.
This is not the first time that the laboratory takes action against the racist comments of the winner of the Nobel Prize, since after similar statements in 2007 to the BBC, it withdrew him from any administrative task.

In addition, in an interview with the English newspaper Sunday Times that same year, Watson declared himself “pessimistic” about economic development in Africa.

“All our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours … when all the studies say that it is not like that. (…) People who have to deal with black employees realize that is not true, “he explained then.

Although he recanted these statements, the institution considers that what was affirmed in the documentary issued on January 2 insist on his racist ideas, so they withdraw the value of his apology.

Although the CSHL recognizes the important legacy of Watson, one of the discoverers of the DNA helix structure, “his statements in the documentary are totally and completely incompatible with our mission, values ​​and policies and it is required to nip any vestige of his intervention “in the institution. (EFEUSA) .-

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